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NYC Drama letra

Nyc drama

Queens niggaz get it gully, pop bigga thangz
Y tha fuck u think they call it cop killa queens
Harlem gonna pop when it comes to tha drama thang
What u expect thats tha home of tha drama king
Tha bronx started hip hop, give'em much respect
What u expect thats tha home of funk flex
Staten n long island theres no city like us
Yo city jail is neva realer than rikus, 1 8 7 homoside St.
I rest my head on tha pillow dat drama got sleep
Between stick up n drug dealer ave., n y city
U kno tha slug peeler capital, right off of beef place
My hood is hard, I live around tha corner from thug rd. N gangsta blvd.
Some niggaz dead broke, tryna rep dey burrow
How u gonna be a thuro bred if ya bread ain't thuro, new york

Dj enuff reppin brooklyn, mista cee everybody
Brooklyn niggaz got mo guns than anybody
Live is out, ya'll niggaz kno what tha stuy is bout
We don't do drive-bys ova here we hoppin out
U say u all about cheese, what u some kind of mouse
Ya mans doin bid up north and u ridin south
If grams was years I'm two years from a proper ounce I stratagize with out a doubt
Niggaz will make u think tha beef dead then wait for u outside ya house
Thats y I stay on top of my beef like sauerkraut
I done coped enough ya-yo to survive a drought
So now I travel around tha route, these rappers be foulin out
I get 100 million I'm wildin out ima bail every mothafuckin body on rikus out
So use ya calculator if u don't kno how to count
Multiply j by nas to equal my amount, new york

Straight out tha thugacation culture where soldiers be bussin toasters at tha dozers
Cops play me closer so I'm recruitin human holsters
Only religon is guns n drug bussineses
I don't fuck wit jehova cuz he keep too many witnesses
Respectin it
He ain't riskin his own neck in it his lil mans be wreckin shit, how u sendin niggaz to war
Who tha fuck u think u tha president
He caught a misdemenor now he think he a predicate
They always tryna get in front of outsiders n talk recaless
Thats y I check niggaz like messages, we revolve alot I like to squeeze n rob alot
When my squeeze is givin niggaz more seizures than fuckin barber shops
Live off of fiends cream consider cream fiends my peoples ring things straight from kindergarden to sing sing
Gun in my lap in tha truck with rims
Put tha pedal to tha metal wit construction timbs
But my legs feel too cramped up to bend
Cuz the 9 stay between dem like 1 through 10
Throw ya hands up at me u betta tuck ya chin
I ain't an engineer but I'll still punch u in
Come on money, u walin around wit ya chain hangin out
When shit popoff u ain't gonna bang it out
U kno how many niggaz wanted to take'em out n I stoped'em
I saved money like a bank account
Dey reggae artists
Dey wanna rank like shabba
Till u run on tha side of dey benz like sprodda
When dem hot ones hit u dey burn like lava
U'll learn how to holla, if he think bullets don't burn
Hit'em in tha side wit the revolver
I bet u'll give'em side bruns like a barber
Dey screamin gangstas names to try to get respect
I scream papoose n niggaz kno imma rep, ya'll all rap tha same u don't possess skills
So when I get on a track I go left field
How u gonna say another man on my level
I got tha dirt dat will cover his grave on my shovel
I got tha foot that will stomp him out on my pedal
I got tha hand tha will pop his top on my metal
How u gonna say another rapper on my level
Get ya car clapped up tryna afford my bezal
Blow his head on tha horn man it's on I catch u
Put tha horn on his head he resemble tha devil
Alot of g's claim colors but all not rebel
A bunch of yellow-belly sap-suckers all ya'll yellow
Must've bought my mixtapes cuz I put out several
Got my style to tha t must've stole my kettle
These dudes gettin washingtons, I will not settle
I go straight to franklin like tha brooklyn shuttle
New york

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